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The All Those Things Left Unsaid (ATTLU) project is currently open for submissions of letters, poems, stories, or other creative forms, on the topic of Identity and belonging.

What is the truth about who we are? Who or what gives us our identity? What are the things that matter to us most and how easy is it to own those aspects of ourselves in public? Are there parts of our identity we would rather not acknowledge?

From family ancestry or legacies to sexual orientation, to a million places in between, this is a space for people to write ‘themselves’.

All submissions should be previously unpublished. Prose pieces should be no longer than 1,000 words as an absolute maximum, preferably shorter.

Please send one .doc or .docx attachment to with the word ‘Submission’ in the email header.

Please briefly explain how your work meets the brief.

For anything published on the site, copyright remains with the author. Authors will remain anonymous, unless they request to be named, and only then if is legally safe to do so.


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